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Our strategy

MTN is an emerging market mobile operator at the forefront of technological and digital changes. Inspired by our belief that everyone deserves the benefits of a modern, connected life, we provide a diverse range of voice, data, digital, fintech, wholesale and enterprise services to more than 280 million customers in 19 markets.

Our revised strategy, Ambition 2025, is anchored in building the largest and most valuable platform business with a clear focus on Africa. This will rest on a scale connectivity and infrastructure business, making use of both mobile and fixed access networks across the consumer, enterprise and wholesale segments.

The implementation of this growth strategy will be accelerated though selective partnerships and leveraging MTN’s brand as the most trusted and valued in Africa, while it will be supported and funded through enhanced cost and capex efficiencies. The execution of Ambition 2025 is embodied in four clear strategic priorities. We have identified five vital enablers to assist in operationalising our strategy.

A key enabler of our Ambition 2025 is to continue to ensure that environmental, social and governance (ESG) practices lie at the core of our business. It is with this in mind that our sustainability vision is clear – it is to create shared value for our stakeholders through responsible ESG practices.

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Belief statement
‘Everyone deserves the benefits of a modern connected life’
Strategic intent
Ambition 2025 ‘Leading digital solutions for Africa’s progress’


We are committed to protecting our planet and achieving Net Zero emissions by 2040

Sustainable societies

We are committed to driving digital and financial inclusion and diverse societies


We are committed partners to stakeholders to create and protect value

Economic value

We are committed to boosting inclusive economic growth on the continent

  1. Project Zero: Reduce GHG emission
  2. Efficiency: Improve energy efficiency
  3. Water and waste management: Reducing our impact
  1. Generational equality: Increase women representation
  2. Increase access and reduce cost to communicate
  3. Increase financial inclusion
  1. Enhance reputation and trust with stakeholders
  2. Digital human rights
  3. Responsible procurement and supply chain
  4. Responsible policies and practices
  1. Tax contribution across markets
  2. Network infrastructure investment
  3. Contribution to society through ICT: digital education, digital skills and jobs