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Project Zero

To realise our net zero targets, MTN has launched its Project Zero programme to leverage the latest technologies and service partners so as to enable business sustainability via greater energy efficiencies, low carbon emissions, risk reduction and cost control. The programme prioritises renewable solutions, efficient emerging technologies and energy storage.

Project Zero is made up of an array of initiatives as outlined below:

Energy management tool
  • Rollout of intelligent power monitoring and management tool for all MTN-owned and managed sites.
New genset technology
  • Ensure every operating company has explored new technology solutions for current genset lifecycle extension and new genset technology.
Innovative alternative grid/renewable power solutions
  • RFP to identify partners with innovative, low-carbon and renewable energy solutions, e.g. on-site hydrogen generation, solar, wind, fuel cell and hybrid.
Uninterruptible power supply (UPS)
  • The UPS system will compensate for the variations in the input supply as any irregularities will affect the load.
Energy as a service company (ESCO)
  • Identify which sites and operating companies’ energy will be outsourced to ESCOs.
  • Contract ESCOs to provide energy based on cleanest and cheapest sources.
Key components of Project Zero include:
DC power
  • DC power system should support inputs, including multiple types of AC inputs and solar energy input.
  • The system should give priority to solar energy when both grid and solar energy are available.
  • Use of DC inverter aircons coupled with optimisation of temperature settings to reduce cooling runtime, ensuring efficiency.
  • Investigate free cooling on BTS sites (RAN Modernisation).